The Lab

Got a logical mind and a way with numbers and science? Then The Lab is just the place for you. Inside you'll find information, quizzes and challenges to help you excel at school and start your journey towards becoming a maths or science boffin.

1) Prof Ron's Question and Answer
2) States of Matter

3) General Science
4) Skills for Science
5) How the Heart works
6) Brain!
7) Biology Quiz
8) Food Fuel Quiz

9) Maths Game NEW!
10) Maths Literacy - Maths Literacy – Ratios & Percentages
11) Solving Quadratic Equations
12) Maths Riddles
13) Estimating Surds
14) Sum it Up
15) Mathematical Investigations

16) The Kinetic Molecular Theory
17) What is Organic Chemistry?
18) Mixtures
19) Chemical Element Quiz
20) Chemical Formulae Quiz
21) SI Units - International System of Units

Science Experiments
22) Isaac Newton's Laws
23) Making a Volcano
24) Making Slime
25) Invisible Ink
26) How To Grow Sugar Crystals
27) Diet Coke & Mentos Eruption
28) Make Your Own Quick Sand
29) More

How Things Work
30) Engine
31) Computer
32) Camera

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