The Clinic

Check into the clinic to get info and advice on anything to do with your physical health! No one likes going to see the doc, but at the clinic you can get the know-how to look after yourself and the confidence to seek help if necessary.

1) Learning about Ebola NEW!
2) Be A Hero!!
3) SmrtEyes

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4) First Aid: Burns
5) First Aid: Emergency Services
6) Injury Prevention
7) Emergencies

8) Diarrhoea
9) Coughs, Colds and More Serious Illnesses
10) Malaria
11) HIV

Moms and Babies
12) Timing Births
13) Safe Motherhood
14) Child Development and Early Learning
15) Breastfeeding
16) Nutrition and Growth
17) Immunization
18) Hygiene

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