Benefits of reading: 5 fun reasons why you should be reading more!

When was the last time you read a book, or a good article from a magazine? Do you reading habits revolve around social media (Facebook & Twitter updates)?

If you’re amongst a multitude of people who don’t read regularly, you’re missing out! Reading is important.

Too important!

Here’s a list of the benefits related to reading:

Exercises your brain

Unlike sitting in front of a TV, reading makes use of your brain - it exercises it. Reading forces you to reason out stuff which might be unaware of. This way, you become smarter.

Improves vocabulary

Reading uncovers new words you wouldn’t have known otherwise. More sophisticated books expose you to sophisticated words and ideas. That enriches your language skills and ideas.

Exposes your to different cultures

How you would know about the life of people in Kenya if you don’t read about it… or in some cases, visited the country, have a Kenyan friend? Reading gives you an awareness of different cultures, lifestyles and the code of conduct of those people.

Improves self-esteem

With reading wide, comes knowledge. The more you read, the more you become informed. And, with more knowledge comes confidence. Increased knowledge cultivates a good self-concept/self-esteem because since you have more knowledge (more answers), people generally gravitate towards answers (you).

You become interesting

Reading makes you interesting because you always have something to say. Ever found yourself with nothing to say or contribute? Did that make you feel unintelligent? Want a solution? It’s simple. Read! Reading broadens your horizon of information. You’ll always have something to say.

Now, beSmart friend, step away from the TV, or social media for a bit, find a good book and read it :)

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