Rules of the Game

Welcome to Hangman! This game will test your knowledge and guessing skills.

When you start a new round of hangman you'll see all the letters of the alphabet followed by a series of underlines that look like this:

__ __ __ __ __

When split into two or more, the underline represents two words or more.

_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   

Each underline represents a letter.

Now it's your turn to guess - choose any letter of the alphabet that you think matches the hint given to you. If you guess correctly the underlined space will be replaced with the letter you chose.

__ __ __ L __

But if you guess incorrectly, another piece of the hangman will be added.

Think about how the number of underlined spaces match with the hint.

If you think the word you've been given is too difficult, click 'Try another one' to move to a new word. Or you can change the category. And don't give up, you want to make it to the leaderboard, right?

You'll know you've lost once all the parts of hangman have added up.

Once you're done playing, head over to 'Have Your Say' and let us know what you think of the game :)