Study Tips

It’s that time again! University, college, secondary and primary school students are writing their midterm exams. Here are ways to get psyched about studying and ace those exams.

1. Plan: Don’t just start studying without a plan. Planning is one important skill you ought to have. If you don’t have it, don’t worry, you can always learn.

Plan what you’re going to study in the week. Break down what you need to study into small tasks. Allocate time for different subjects everyday and stick to it.

2. Get into groups: This is urgent. Do it now! It’s true that group work is not for everyone but “team work always wins”.  Pick a few guys and girls, get together a few days a week to go over study notes or past exam papers.

You should elect one person in charge of delegating tasks (who buys cool drinks, etc.). He/she should also be responsible for keeping everyone focused on the goals.

3. Treat yourself: A little reward goes a long way.  Treat yourself. Take a walk, eat a healthy biscuit, or whatever rocks your boat. The idea of a reward at the end of two hours or so makes it easy to deal with procrastination (the thief of time). Don’t you think?!

4. Have a drink: No, not that kind of  a drink. Sorry. Get something that will get you going, like an energy drink or a strong cup of coffee. Research has shown that caffeine helps to keep us alert, especially when it comes to something as interesting as studying.

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